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Music from recent Pastores Ensemble CDs, Concerts and YouTube


‘’Douce Memoire’


Two Gagliarda :- Detta la Taglianella, Sopra I Montoana by G.Trabaci (c.1575-1647)


“Honiesuckle” by Holborne


“Fairie Round” by Holborne


CDs and Concert Recordings

Bolyongas (folk arrangement).. 3 viols - Pastores/ Bela Bartok  (1881-1945)

“Mr Dowland, His Midnight.”,  by John Dowland (1563-1626). Watkins Ale (lute solos) 2.43

In Nomine No. 6 “For the Friends” for keyboard and recorded SCULPTED SOUND. Carrington. 1.59


“Gowland’s lotion” for soprano and three viols.  Robert Carrington.  3.39


“Mir ist ein rot goldfingerlein” for recorder, lute. mandolin and viols.  Senfl.  3.18.


“C. Browning” for lute, mandolin and viols.  Henry Stonings.  1.34.


“De vous servir” Philip van Vi8lder (fl. 1520-50 - soprano + ensemble


“Amour partes” Philip de Wilder - soprano + ensemble


“Browning” Clement Woodcock (fl 1575) - ensemble


“Sinfonia No. 5” Leonora Duarte.  (1610-78) - ensemble

“Fantasia on a Bass”  Leonora Duarte. Marion Pilbeam - soprano + ensemble

“Vivace” (Sonanta in D minor) for solo bass viol.  Georg Philip Telemann


“Baryton Trio no. 87.  Adagio; Allegro di molto; Menuet et Trio.  Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) - tenor viol and 2 bass viols.

In Nomine No.10 “PlaneSong” for prerecorded sounds and ensemble. Robert Carrington

“De Fortune me doy Pleindre”  Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300 - 77) lute, mandola, guitar, tenor viol

In Nomine No. 9 “The Bells of St Leonards”.  Robert Carrington.  lute, mandola, guitar, teno viol, bass viol.

“Three Ravens” Thomas Ravenscroft (c.1590 - c. 1633 - Soprano + ensemble.

New Fashions (pt 1) William Cobbold (1560 - 1639) voices + ensemble.


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