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European Medieval and Renaissance Music

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Introduction to the Pastores Ensemble

The Pastores Ensemble was founded by Robert Carrington and Paul Neville to explore a wide range of Early Music repertoire for viols, recorders and voices -moving into later periods to even include new pieces for these instruments. The inclusion of lute (Jacques Ruijterman) and mandolin (Domenica Lewkow) enabled the Ensemble to extend its sound world and to give a “folkish”, Mediterranean feel to the music. Marion Pilbeam (bass viol and narrator) joined the Ensemble in 2005. This enables us to explore 5-part pieces and to play 3-part viol repertoire or to be Pastores Viols! .


The Pastores Ensemble with our guest flautist Linda Howarth at their performance for the Friends of Anne of Cleves  House, Lewes, Summer 2018.

On the table is the Louis de Bernieres Shield - ‘Renaissance Music for any plucked instrument’: 1st prize won by Domeninca (mandola), Jacques (lute) and Paul (guitar) at the 2018 BMG rally, Worthing.




Woodingdean 16-08-20



Members of the Pastores Ensemble perform at Seacroft House, Woodingdean on August 16th 2020, as part of a fundraising event for the Brighton Early Music Festival.





Our instrumentation takes us away from ‘pure’ Early Music and emphasizes our aim to present this music in a wide range of venues - including places where Early Music in not usually performed.  We have performed several Cabaret style performances in Hastings on a stage outside the Jubilee Library and also in the Pavilion Gardens, Brighton, as well as weddings and receptions.  Domenica and Paul (guitar and mandolin) also performed at the BMG Rally 2016 in Glasgow and won an award as part of the BRIGHT ’N EARLY ensemble playing CRYE by Christopher Tye.

Maxwell Davies and Pastores members


Four members of the Pastores Ensemble help celebrate Maxwell Davies’ BBC 80th birthday concert, MaidaVale, Thursday, June 19th, 2014.




img091Ciaran West with Paul Neville


Paul Neville with guitar student Ciaran West at St. Laurence Church, Falmer, May 2016


Listen and watch: Recordings at St Mary de Haura Church, Shoreham by sea on Saturday 2nd September 2017:

‘De mon Triste Plaisir’

Richafort - tenor recorder and 3 viols

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White Fans

Robert Carrington - tenor and bass viols


Anon - solo bass viol

Listen to a variety of music incorporating viols, lute, mandolin, guitar and voices from performances of the Pastores Ensemble and recorded on their CDs.

See and hear the Pastores Ensemble on YouTube

Review of the Pastores Ensemble Concert at St Helen’s - Winter 2012-13

Press Comment on the Pastores Ensemble at St Nicolas, 11th April, 2013

Contact Robert for further information about the Ensemble and availability for events that you might be planning.

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