The Pastores Ensemble
European Medieval and Renaissance Music

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Music from recent Pastores Ensemble CDs, Concerts and YouTube


Two Gagliarda :- Detta la Taglianella, Sopra I Montoana by G.Trabaci (c.1575-1647)


“Honiesuckle” by Holborne


“Fairie Round” by Holborne


CDs and Concert Recordings

Bolyongas (folk arrangement).. 3 viols - Pastores/ Bela Bartok  (1881-1945)

“Mr Dowland, His Midnight.”,  by John Dowland (1563-1626). Watkins Ale (lute solos) 2.43

In Nomine No. 6 “For the Friends” for keyboard and recorded SCULPTED SOUND. Carrington. 1.59


“Gowland’s lotion” for soprano and three viols.  Robert Carrington.  3.39


“Browning” Clement Woodcock (fl 1575) - ensemble


“Sinfonia No. 5” Leonora Duarte.  (1610-78) - ensemble

“Fantasia on a Bass”  Leonora Duarte. Marion Pilbeam - soprano + ensemble

“Baryton Trio no. 87.  Adagio; Allegro di molto; Menuet et Trio.  Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) - tenor viol and 2 bass viols.

In Nomine No.10 “PlaneSong” for prerecorded sounds and ensemble. Robert Carrington

“De Fortune me doy Pleindre”  Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300 - 77) lute, mandola, guitar, tenor viol

In Nomine No. 9 “The Bells of St Leonards”.  Robert Carrington.  lute, mandola, guitar, teno viol, bass viol.

“Three Ravens” Thomas Ravenscroft (c.1590 - c. 1633 - Soprano + ensemble.