The Pastores Ensemble
European Medieval and Renaissance Music

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If you wish to hear more of the Pastores Ensemble but cannot come to an event why not buy one of their CDs?

“Paris to Burgundy”

5.00 + p.p.

Live recording and Studio.  St Wilfred’s Church, Ovingdean.

The Pastores Ensemble

“The Peacock’s Tail”

5.00 + p.p.


Early music from Poland, Hungary and Central Europe.Recordings from the Tour.

Peacock - artwork Paul Neville

“New Fashions”

8.- + p.p.

Pastores Ensemble Music recorded during various live concerts in Sussex

Click here for the: New Fashions Playlist, Performers and background information.


Please email or contact Robert Carrington on 01273 430 396 to place your order.