The Pastores Ensemble
European Medieval and Renaissance Music

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Biographies of the Ensemble members

Robert Carrington: - Tenor Viol, Recorder.

Robert studied music at Goldsmiths College in London and has been interested in many different types of music: from the music of John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Michael Nyman, Erik Satie and presenting an early Concert performance of "The Sinking of the Titanic" by Gavin Bryars, attended by the composer. This interest in Experimental Music lead him to form a rock band to perform his own songs and compositions: "The Flying Testes Brothers" who enjoyed a brief period of notoriety in London in the 1980’s.Robert has also been involved with Experimental Theatre and Performance Artists. In the late 1980’s he became interested in Early Music and its connections with the Experimental Music tradition, forming "The Dunstable Doysters" who performed music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and original compositions in Churches and Cathedrals. Moving to Brighton, a new ensemble emerged "The Pastores Ensemble" who, with a changing line-up have continued to perform Early Music and Robert’s original compositions. Together with these performing activities, Robert taught for over 30 years and now divides his time between lecturing to Adults, performing and composing . Recent work has involved collaborating with a puppeteer and performances with Sculpted Sound in Guildford Cathedral and Redchurch Gallery, London.

The Flottner Playing Cards (back) - music parts

Paul Neville: - Viol, Recorder.

Paul is a multi-instrumentalist playing cornetto, guitar, recorders, treble and bass viols. He moved into Early Music through contact with the Hanover Music Group, a community organisation supplying music for all - with an emphasis on Early Music and instruments.  He also performs early classical guitar music and uses the guitar as a consort instrument.  As a co-founder of the Pastores Ensemble, he has been involved with many local events including concerts with Brighton Consort and for New Music Brighton, as well as in the Ensemble’s first sell-out concert in Brittany.  He was also a member of the Dunstable Doysters: performing in Lincoln Cathedral, Southwell Minster and Lambeth Palace.  Studies with Jane Ryan (a bass viol player who performed with David Munrow) led him to explore solo bass viol music- particularly English and French repertoire- from copies of the original music (Facsimile).

Domenica Lewkow: - Mandolin, Recorder.

Domenica joined the Pastores Ensemble in 1994 as a recorder player after moving to Brighton from the North of England. She plays clarinet as well as mandolin, and is a member of the Fretful Federation, one of the last remaining mandolin orchestras in the UK.  She is also our programme designer.

Marion Pilbeam: - Bass viol and Narration.

Marion comes from Nottingham.  She studied violin and piano at Trent Park College.  Marion has a particular interest in music for Viol consort.  She is also a composer and her composition ‘Images of Water’ has been presented in our programmes and recorded on the ‘Paris to Burgundy’ CD.

Jacques Ruijterman: - Lute.

Since leaving Holland in 1977, Jacques has lived in West Sussex. He has the good fortune to ,regularly if not religiously, play music several times a week with an ever widening circle of likeminded friends. Jacques enjoys playing the cello in 18th and 19th century string quartet repertoire and has played the bass part in polyphonic music with the Gaudeamus ensemble. “I like best the music of the late mediaeval and renaissance period and possibly because of my origins, I have a special affinity for the Netherlandish compositions of that time.” In 2002, a local luthier, Warren Hollness, kindly made Jacques a left handed 7 course renaissance lute and this has enabled him to play with the current Pastores Ensemble. “The unusual combination of two plucked and two bowed instruments bring out pulse and syncopation of this beguiling music”.